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Information Provided by You

Any information provided by you to YPdx.com, including but not limited to feedback, data, questions, comments, suggestions, or the like, shall be deemed to be non-confidential; YPdx.com shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, and distribute the information to others without limitation. Additionally, YPdx.com shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing, and marketing products incorporating such information.


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We at YPdx.com are constantly striving to provide excellent service to you, our customers and business partners, while building a long-lasting relationship with you. To achieve these goals, we occasionally need information about you when you visit our site.

First and foremost, YPdx.com respects your right to privacy. When you visit YPdx.com, you may be providing information to YPdx.com on two different levels about your visit:

  • Anonymous statistics collected as you browse the site
  • And personal information you knowingly give us

We want you to be aware of how we handle this information.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

YPdx.com would like to assure you that we do not:

  • Collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us
  • Provide or sell the names and addresses of our customers [site users] to outside vendors

YPdx.com does:

  • Safeguard customers' information from unauthorized access
  • Collect, maintain and use customer information as necessary to provide the most helpful and targeted products and services to meet customers' needs (e.g. customer care or new products or services)
  • Honor customers' requests to remove their names from our telephone or mail solicitation lists
  • Maintain confidentiality of customer information when undertaking projects with other companies

YPdx.com has always valued your privacy, and we reinforce this belief throughout our organization. Your information will be protected as described unless the specific web page says otherwise. If you have further questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.

Information this Site Gathers/Tracks

Statistics About Your Visit

As you browse YPdx.com, our computers collect information about your visit, not about you personally. Via web server logs and browser cookie files, we monitor statistics such as:

  • How many people visit our site
  • Which pages people visit on our site
  • From which domains our visitors come (e.g., "aol.com")
  • Which browsers people use to visit our site

While we gather this information, none of it is associated with you as an individual. We use these statistics to improve our website, to monitor its performance, and to make it easier for you and other visitors to use.

Organizational and Personal Information You Knowingly Give Us

Within the YPdx.com website, you may be asked to give us personal or organizational information when you ask a question that requires a response, request rate information online, or order a service online. This information may range from your generic zip code, to your specific phone number, account number, a credit card number, email address, organization URL, business description, business graphics, or mailing address.

Use of Information this Site Gathers/Tracks

  • Your IP Address and Host Name - the YPdx.com website logs Host Names and IP addresses (when the Host Name is not available) for systems administration and security purposes. These logs are monitored and analyzed to maintain systems and information security and allow us to constantly improve the value and the availability of the web content.
  • YPdx.com Registration Forms - We encourage all visitors to register with YPdx.com, although registration is not required, except for access to our premium content areas. The registration forms require users to give us accurate contact information (like name and email address) and preferences that help us better serve you. Your name and email address are used to send you information about our company, product updates, special offers, and newsletters. You may change your preferences at any time, or remove your name entirely from our user registry.
  • Order Forms and Enrollment Forms - Our order forms securely collect visitor's contact information and financial information (like your credit card number and other billing information). Contact information on the order form is used for order fulfillment and may be shared with our Partners or Resellers if that is necessary to fulfill your request. The information that we require on our order form is only used to process your order quickly and accurately. Your contact information will only be used to send you the product that you purchase and your billing information will only be used to bill you for that product. During the purchasing process, you may be given the opportunity to sign up for future emailings regarding our products, services, and promotions. If you sign up here, YPdx.com will share your contact information with other YPdx.com companies only, not with other companies.
  • As YPdx.com's online systems become more sophisticated, you may also be given the option of registering a profile with YPdx.com. This would store your name, purchase history, and billing information to make it easier for you to shop and purchase products/services from us in the future. Once profiling is available, you may opt out of this feature at any time by changing/canceling your profile online.
  • Cookies - A cookie is a small, encrypted data string our server writes to your hard drive that contains your unique YPdx.com User Name. We use cookies to deliver web content specific to your interests and to control access to YPdx.com premium content. A cookie cannot be used to access or otherwise compromise the data on your hard drive. You can choose to change your browser settings to disable cookies if you do not want us to establish and maintain a unique YPdx.com User Name. Please be aware that cookies may be required to complete certain functions on YPdx.com.

Sharing of Information this Site Gathers/Tracks

The information you submit on the order form is never shared with any third parties unless it is necessary to complete your request. Also, as required by law, YPdx.com will not share customer proprietary network information with other YPdx.com companies, unless you give YPdx.com permission to do so (either online, or via phone or mail).

Opt-out Policy

Our site provides users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us and our Partners at the point where we request information about the visitor. Visitors who wish to remove their information from our database to not receive future communications or to no longer receive our service can contact us.

Correction/Update Policy

If you would like to correct and/or update your information, please contact us.

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