About YPdx.com

5 Yellow Pages in 1

YPdx.com allows you to search 5 online yellow pages directories from a single form for better local search results in a shorter amount of time.

Every online yellow pages claims to have the most complete, up-to-date or accurate business data, but it's hard to know for sure. Internet yellow pages sites get their business information from different data providers. Some providers are known for the accuracy of their business addresses, while others are known for accurate phone numbers.

But because this information is expensive, many online yellow pages use only one provider. This can lead to incomplete or inaccurate search results.

Sometimes businesses you know exist don't appear in your search results or errors in the data make the company you're looking for impossible to contact. When this happens, you're forced to look up another internet yellow pages site to get the information you need.

By putting numerous yellow pages sites at your fingertips YPdx.com hopes to save you valuable time and effort, which are most likely the reasons you decided to use the internet to find the business you're looking for in the first place.